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Whitney & Bert | 04.11.14
Commissioned piece I finished for Whitney and her soon to be husband, Bert! I had a wonderful time making this piece. Drawing animal fur is quite the challenge but nothing but practice only makes better.
I just wanted to take this time and say thank you to Whitney and Bert for having me as your friend You both have been nothing but kind and have always made me feel welcomed whenever we would spend time together, even for a short period of time. I appreciate your support in my art, my photography and for believing in my creative visions. It’s friends like you who keep me doing what I love to do. Wishing I could attend your wonderful wedding. May it be the best of all. 
Much love and always.

© MX 2014

Cilian | 01.30.14Late night inspiration from about four days ago. Been a while since I last drew anything. Named him Cilian because he reminded me of the younger Cilian Murphy. Working on another piece. Hope to do more illustration work and keep up at it so I won’t get rusty. Excuse the dark color - uploading it to the web isn’t doing the color justice. But you get the idea.© MX 2014

Joey & Braden Commissioned couple portrait as an anniversary gift for these two! It was a great joy to work on this and working with red lines again! If you’re interested in having your portrait or someone else’s portrait as a gift for your loved one, feel free to message me for my rates!© MX 2013

Nicole & Joey | 08.25.13Commissioned piece I did for this wonderful couple’s Anniversary (which is actually tomorrow but they got the gift today decided to open it so I thought I could share here)! I remember about a year ago when Nicole first approached me about doing a portrait of her and Joey as a gift. This is my 3rd commissioned anniversary gift! It is always exciting to be approached by someone who genuinely enjoys your work/art. Someone who wants me to create something entirely of my own and for it to be a gift to someone special in their life. Not only was I given the opportunity to create something new, but a memorable gift to two other people. I couldn’t be anymore happier when I saw the big smiles on their faces as Joey opened the gift!It was a joy to have made one of my favorite pieces, but to also have met Nicole for the first time and seeing Joey again after two years!For the wonderful cook of a wife and the incredibly talented vocalist/lyricist from the band From Indian Lakes & to now the many years to come,Happy Anniversary to you both!© MX 2013

Hello hello followers!I feel that my updates have become less and less and my apologies! It’s been a crazy month in trying to do editing work for my photography work and I haven’t had time to zone in on the illustration pieces I’ve started and have yet to start. But for an update, this is the progress of my From Indian Lakes t-shirt design inspired by their song, “Paintings" from their latest album "Able Bodies" (which is beyond incredible). Half way through, I had changed my mind how I originally wanted it to look like. I was going to show just a sneak peek, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to show progress. Also wanted to state that this is the first most expressive portrait/drawing I’ve done so working with creases and wrinkles of the face from the expression was a little challenging but great because I want to get better with my illustration skills as I continue forth with it. But all in all, hope you enjoy this! I really hope I can finish the rest of this by tonight or tomorrow somehow. If anything SOON! And finish up my other ideas I have lined up.Also if you’re interested in prints, feel free to browse my online shop! And if interested in commission work/collaboration, feel free to message my inbox!© MX 2013

Commissioned work in progress.

Hello there followers!

I know it’s been a while since I last posted anything or and or in general. But the past month I’ve been working on three commissioned piece for my sister who is having her book of poetry published soon in Fall (2013). I’ve yet to post those once the book is published. 

On another exciting note, I just got an email in regards to doing some t-shirt designs for an incredible band, From Indian Lakes. If you don’t know them, please give their music a listen! I’m excited to get started on these designs and looking forward to them being printed on shirts once we get to that process. 

But all in all I just wanted to share with you my latest news as of late in regards to my illustration work. I hope you all have been doing well and stay tuned for sneak peeks!



Hello everyone, it’s been a while since I last posted, been away for a bit but hope I’m able to start posting again with new works in the process. In the meantime, I made a store for my prints! Swing by and take a look! If interested in a print, feel free to purchase one with love and support! Much is appreciated!mx

It’s about that time again! I’ve decided that I’ll be working on Limited Edition Prints of this piece of mine! 25 limited prints signed and specially wrapped for you by me! More details to come by the beginning of next week! If you’re interested in a print, please feel free to message me! Stay tuned for more information.Cheers for your continued support!mx

Eric & Angelica | 03.04.13Commissioned piece for my friend Eric and his girlfriend, Angelica! This is probably my more concrete/darker piece that I’ve done so far. More blacks than organic-like but I enjoyed it. Inspired by my weirdness and by the incredible Pat Perry. © MX 2013